Wiki and world info: Callambea

Rolling your Character:
Note: This is a High Fantasy game.

  • When you select ‘create character’ there is a Pathfinder RPG character sheet you can select and fill in.
  • For stats we’ll be using a spread: 17,16,15,12,10,8
  • Start at lvl 4. Lvl 1 = max hp, lvl 2-4 roll for hp. If roll is less then half max possible hp, round up to half.
  • For wealth, you get the maximum starting money for your first class plus 6,000 gold.
  • Alignment’s are Good or Neutral. This is a heroic group doing goodly deeds, make your character to fit in that role.
  • Available classes: Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue.
  • Everyone get’s one craft or profession skill FREE that is their family trade that starts out maxed for lvl 4 (7 pts). This is the trade you and your family have been doing in Lance Point for three generations.
  • Everyone get’s one wondrous item at half-price. The item must be something a human can craft, and be CL 1. This item was made specifically for you by Celeste Brennan and is an item you treasure.
  • Everyone get’s a family heirloom. This is a weapon that gives you +1 to attack and damage rolls and is enchanted with one power from the “Minor” list of the Weapon Special Abilities Table. This item needs to be named, and has been handed down for generations ever since your family landed on Callambea. It’s the weapon you began training with 15 years ago, and you are well practiced in it’s use. Due to this you receive the Weapon Focus feat for your heirloom. This only works when using your heirloom weapon, however. If you would like this feat to work on all weapons of that class, you need to spend a feat to get it.

Everything you should need: Pathfinder RPG